Our Mission

To provide a diverse array of exceptional healing services to the North Shore Community.

A Sacred Place Wellness Center is located in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts and is dedicated to providing outstanding healing services to everyone who walks in our door. We welcome you to visit and learn about the various healing services offered for your well-being.

Our Vision

To provide a sacred space that will continue to grow and serve each individual throughout their lifetime

A Sacred Place Wellness Center is where people can safely come to grow in their understanding of the healing arts through personal experience, workshops, and community events.

Our Practitioners
We are a group of professional practitioners with high ethical standards who offer many different types of healing services to our clients and the community.  Some of the many services provided by our trained and certified practitioners include Massage, Reiki, Polarity, Craniosacral, Life Readings, and Meditation.

We seek to create an atmosphere that brings awareness of our connection to one another. This allows all who enter A Sacred Place Wellness Center to feel completely safe and supported by the sense of peace they encounter within our humble walls. Each practitioner brings to this space a skilled creativity, which is woven into a fabric of healing acceptance.

Are you ready to enjoy better health, higher energy levels, and gain optimal physical wellness? Our programs are proven to help people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels to attain well-being, strength, and relaxation.

We welcome you to visit A Sacred Place Wellness Center to experience this for yourself.  Please feel free to contact the Center for details and let us know how we can meet your health needs and serve you best.

A Sacred Place Wellness Center

2 East India Square, suite 112

Salem, MA 01970


The symbol in our logo is the Seed of Life

All Seeing Eye of God, Our true eternal Self

This sacred geometry is the center of the larger Flower of Life symbol, a sacred blueprint of all creation. The pattern is also repeated in the Kabalistic Tree of Life and appears in most early religious traditions in the Middle East. Used in religious art, it often represents the all-seeing eyes of the God(ess).

The overlapping circles represent Creation, honoring the infinite connections of all life circles. As a spiritual practice, the Seed of Life can be used to hold a field of acceptance for all beings, all cultures, and all beliefs, realizing that all circles rotate through the center of creation, thus establishing the holiness of all orientations.

In a larger context, the Seed of Life resonates tolerance and is an infinite source of energy for all beings.

This symbol represents the energy we believe will be experienced when you visit A Sacred Place Wellness Center.

Donna Lee Caramello
8/15/1950 - 2/20/2012

Donna Lee Caramello was the founder of A Sacred Place Wellness Center.  Those of us who knew her are ever grateful for her dream of creating a dynamic Healing Center.  The vision she had remains solid in the legacy she passed down, and lives on in a tangible way through the care that each skilled practitioner gives to everyone entering

A Sacred Place Wellness Center.


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