How many steps do you have to walk to prevent remaining 7 diseases?

Depression4000 (steps)/(minutes of moderate-intense activities)
Heart diseases /Stroke / Cognitive impairment5000/7.5
Osteoporosis /Fracture /Some Cancers7000/15
Dyslipidemia (abnormal amount of fat and/or cholesterol) /Type II Diabetes / High Blood Pressure:8000/20

It seems difficult to walk 8000 steps suddenly so for the first step, it is important to increase 2000 more steps than now because the risk that diseases occur reduces significantly every 2000 steps.

Also it is important to contain moderate-intense activities which give you a little more burden in your daily life. Fast walking is the speed that you can’t sing but talk somehow. If you can’t talk, it is too intense. Walking with 3 to 4 inches wider stroke tends to become moderate-intense. When we walk with wider stroke, we can walk faster automatically.



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